Digital Events have allowed for companies and organizations to meet virtually for years, however due to the recent events of the pandemic, digital meeting platforms have been a pivotal tool in the continued operations of countless organizations and schools. 

Hybrid Events have also been utilized for years. A small audience of attendees attend a live production while the production is aired live or recorded for a larger audience.  Amidst the impact of current events, Hybrid events have allowed organizations to remain relevant, impactful, and interesting. Hybrid events are an engaging alternative to the monotony of digital events with  little audience engagement. 

Benefits Include:

  • Increased conference attendance 
  • Allows the association to be accessible globally
  • High Quality Audio while saving on Audio and Visual Expenses
  • Robust Analytics
  • Drives attendee engagement
  • Increased revenue and lower overhead
  • Digital Conferences are faster and less time consuming

As a certified Digital Event Strategist, Infinity Consulting Services Infinity Consulting Services provides you with your budget breakdowns and detailed checklists outlining the entire planning process for your digital events and hybrid conferences.